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Counseling Services

Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

The goal of Therapy is change.  As a solution-focused, strength-based therapist, I will help you identify your strengths and together in a shared journey you will rewrite your stories so that you can liberate and free yourself from struggles of life.

Life Coaching

As a life coach I will help you empower yourself to find your inner strength, discover what you want in your life, invent something new and walk the path that you have never walked before. Coaching is an ongoing relationship which focuses on individuals realizing their visions, goals and desires. As a client you will go through a process of discovery to achieve both your professional and personal goals.

Specialty Areas
  • Anxiety/ Panic Disorder

  • Personal Growth: Living life to its fullest

  • Self Image Issues: lack of confidence, self respect and self esteem

  • Grief and Bereavement  Therapy

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