Family Therapist

Sabita Nandy Family Therapist: Find Solution-Focused Therapy, Today.

The family unit is the most dynamic, complex, and important relationship in the average human life. When the family unit does not function in a healthy manner, serious problems and corresponding fall-out can manifest. Family therapists are often turned to in order to help families develop and maintain functional, healthy relationships.

Key Advantages to Family Counseling

Working with a family therapist can be a dramatic step toward finding solutions to family problems. From everyday disagreements to improving relationships and developing better, healthier boundaries, sometimes it can take the assistance of a therapist to unwind these problematic issues.

Other benefits of working with a family therapist like Sabita Nandy include the following.

  • Judgment-free Experience — Sabita Nandy is a trained solution-focused therapist who has spent decades working in the field to establish a judgment-free zone where solutions may manifest.

  • Improve Dysfunctional Relationships — Dysfunctional relationships and interactions can serve to derail the health and happiness of a family unit. Addressing key areas of dysfunction as well as underlining methods of improvement is just the beginning!

  • Enhance Overall Communication — Without proper communication skills, families will have trouble addressing problems. Sabita Nandy is a President's Award Winner from the University of Florida School of Counselor Education, underscoring her effectiveness as a family therapist who can induce effective communication.


Find Solutions Today With a Licensed Family Therapist

Sabita Nandy is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with 15 years of experience in the industry. A graduate from the University of Florida School of Counselor Education, Sabita has trained as a solution-focused brief therapist who seeks to leverage the strengths of her clients to help find the appropriate solution. After serving her post-graduate training under industry leaders in Marriage and Family Therapy, Sabita Nandy is here to help guide her clients as the family therapist that they can trust.

Contact Sabita Nandy at your convenience to see if she is the right family therapist to address your concerns.