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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling and You: Find Support With Sabita Nandy, MS, Ed S, LMFT

Every marriage is unique and beautiful in its own way. Along that same line of thinking, each marriage may present unique issues for the couple in question to navigate. With the assistance of a marriage counseling professional, couples can find insight and support to overcome the hurdles that head their way.

Why Should I Consider Marriage Counseling?

According to John Gottman, most couples will wait an average of six years before attempting to remedy marital concerns. The longer these issues are shoved away, the more powerfully they can manifest.

Sabita Nandy is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist whose focus is on strength-based therapy. Nandy helps her clients to better open the channels of communication to craft a relationship that is healthy and egalitarian. Nandy focuses on rafting an atmosphere that underscores empathy and acceptance, giving both parties a chance to heal while pursuing a better, healthier understanding of their relationship.

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