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My Approach

The Science of Emotion- Neurobiology of Relationship

In recent years with the help of Imaging technology, we are able to better understand the emotional aspect of the human brain.  


The part of the brain that is most important in terms of emotions is the Limbic System, sometimes called the " Emotional Brain." Amygdala, which is part of the Limbic system, controls the emotions.


These new concepts are very exciting to me because as a Physiologist and as a Cognitive Behavioral therapist it helps me to better understand the neurobiology of relationships and emotions.

Emotional Brain- The Science of Emotion
Marriage Counseling

My training as a solution focused brief therapist gives me the opportunity to work with you in a shared journey with positive goal oriented ways that you will find helpful.  As a therapist I bring to you keen observation skills, the ability to see things from a variety of perspectives and an appreciation for the vast resources that you bring to the session. Being in the frontier of Marriage and Family Therapy techniques, I will help you see through your situation and together we will rewrite your life story, which then you will be able to enjoy individually and as a couple.

Relationship Therapy

We all know that the quality of relationships defines the quality of our lives. There are all kinds of relationships: work relationships, friendships, relationships with children, relationships with the community, relationships with ourselves and with our significant other.


Successful relationships do not happen by chance, it takes hard work. My style of therapy is collaborative and respectful. As a strength-based, solution-focused therapist, my focus in therapy is on solutions rather than the problems. I will use your strengths to help you reach your goals. As we progress in therapy, a new, more optimistic and empowering story about your life emerges, where you, and not your problems, control your life.

Couples Counseling

A healthy relationship should be egalitarian: equality and participation, not discrimination, is the basis of my couples counseling. We all have the power within us and this power should create love, not destruction. In my session, I will create an atmosphere of acceptance and empathy in which it is hoped the defensiveness and aggressiveness of the couple can recede. Only then can we search for understanding, and change your relationship to be more meaningful for you.

Same-Sex Couples Therapy

When I work with same sex couples, not only do I work on the relationship dynamics, but also how the societal oppression effects the relationship. Among many issues that we work on, one issue that I pay close attention to is the couples "Stage Discrepancy." One partner might be quite advanced in their own identity growth than the other and this creates stress in the relationship.


It is also important to focus on the boundary issues between same sex partners, ex partners and same sex friends. We will address all the pertinent relational dynamics for a satisfying and meaningful relationship.

Individual Therapy

It is very dangerous to have a pre-determined idea of life and even more dangerous if that is the only one idea that you have. When we are stuck in life, most of the time we see things the same way over and over again. This is when the problem starts; we feel trapped and unhappy. In therapy I can help you challenge these unhelpful beliefs about yourself and your situation so that you can liberate yourself from the problems and enjoy freedom and happiness.

Family Therapy

As a Family Therapist I focus on solutions rather than on problems --this makes me a solutions focused therapist. Often people are constrained by their narrow and pessimistic views of their problems or of their lives, which generates rigid sequences of more of the same when attempting solutions. Hence it limits an individual to see the problem from an alternative point of view.

Being your family therapist I will help you bring that alternative point of view. We will negotiate a goal that is achievable and meets your family’s need; re-write your family story, in which you, not the problems, are in-charge.

Counseling in Sexual Abuse 

When working  with victims  of sexual abuse I will  work with you so that you can liberate yourself from being a victim, empower yourself, and help gain back your personal  self. At the end of therapy you will

be able to feel good about yourself, gain back your self esteem, free yourself and enjoy intimate relationship with your partner. 

Counseling in Sexual Abuse
Marriage Counseling
Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Same Sex Couples
Couples Therapy
Relationship Therapy
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