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Difficult Conversations: in relationship, in marriage, in life

Relationships are very beautiful yet very complicated. It becomes even more challenging when we avoid difficult conversations. Be it in a relationship, marriage or with our own selves.

As an individual couples and marriage therapist, I have seen this over and over again. Partners do not want to engage in difficult conversations, fearing that it will hurt the other person whom they love; not realizing that silencing the difficult conversation will hurt their relationship anyway. Their resentment builds up because they continue to agree with their partners that what they do not want to do. Eventually they are so frustrated that not their marriage nor their relationship is beautiful anymore. So instead of speaking up, they become depressed, anxious or engage in self destructive behavior. They have affairs or they end the relationship and get a divorce.

We do the same thing with our own selves. We avoid difficult conversations with our own self to make the necessary changes and as a result we get stagnant and end up being dissatisfied with life.

As a marriage, couples and family therapist I encourage all my clients to engage in difficult conversations and hence liberate themselves from their struggles.

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