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Opioid Epidemic: National Emergency Declared

This past week, the recent administration worked to free funds for a national opioid epidemic that has been affecting families near and far: impacting college campuses, children, and, communities.

This topic of the Opioid crisis has been ignored for too long. It is not only killing those in our neighborhoods, it is killing the possibility to avoid the subject any longer. An open conversation, whether it is present in your family or not, dialogue regarding this concern may create a positive change. Informed decisions have the ability to make an impact on the choices one could make.

Nearly everyone knows someone that has been affected by this opioid issue. Being cognizant and informing others about such dependencies saves lives. It is vital to take the steps that move toward accountability on multiple levels.

Previously, people would experiment with drugs. These days, the drug has the ability to be so potent that there is no room for experimentation, only heightened likelihood of overdose.

Such powerful drugs can never be resolved within a three month period, but it is definitely a start. It is the beginning to a dialogue, not the end.

Look for symptoms, recognition, resources, and treatment options on my next blog post.

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