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Individual Counseling

Sabita Nandy is a wonderful therapist. When I first started looking for a therapist, I wanted someone who was a good listener and who would give me sound and honest counseling. Boy did I hit the jackpot when I found Sabita. She is seasoned, wise and gives out the most amazing energy. Sabita has helped me maneuver through this thing called life and I’m grateful because my life is much fuller and happier due to the healthy counseling I received from her.

-A.P., Client

A friend recommended that I contact Sabita. It’s been over a year now and I can say with certainty, that it was one of the best recommendations ever. Sabita is smart, intuitive and a straight shooter...she is honest with me and doesn’t try to spare my feelings. She asks tough questions that force me to dig deep to get to the core of the issue. She is also gentle in her approach and extremely patient. She is accessible and encourages me to reach out if and when I need her outside of our scheduled appointments. I look forward to our sessions because I know that I will leave with a better understanding of who I am and what it is I want to accomplish with my life.

-T.Y., Client

I am now a Confident Professional Woman. Having been recommended to Sabita by a close friend, I was initially very skeptical of talking to anyone about my anxiety and overall life and career situation as it, I assume, the case with many Type-A people. Over the course of my time with Sabita, I have really come to appreciate her thoughtful, patient and straightforward approach. I know that I am now a more confident and balanced individual both in terms of personal and career. Sabita helped me dig to the roots of the cause of my anxiety and helped me tackle them head on. It was at times difficult and emotional but I always knew that I could count on her to steer me in the right direction. The quality I enjoy most about Sabita is that she doesn’t solve your problems for you. Instead, she helped me see how I already had the skills to confront them. Similar to a grueling marathon, Sabita was there at mile 22 when you hit the wall. You can go on, and it’s hard, but it helps to have someone remind you that you’re so close to the finish.

-A.A., Client


Sabita, you are the one person who helped make me whole. You helped me achieve my dream of living a better life. You have no idea of how indebted I feel to you. You are My Shero!

-D.G., Client


Therapy: “Therapy with Sabita is an active experience, accomplishing goals in both incremental and giant steps. I have utilized therapy to discover solutions through my strengths to stand up for myself when I was incapable of doing do before starting with Sabita. And with her help, I have repaired persistently unsolvable family problems I have had for decades, until I could have a family I could count on and who could count on me. And I have transformed friendships to be constructive and nurturing rather than pretentious and one-sided. In the workplace I have learned to make myself a better fit and acknowledge what I am capable and not capable of accomplishing. And in personal life discover myself with hobbies that suit my age and passion for music and photography.”


Impressions of Sabita as a Therapist and Person: Sabita is a keen and compassionate listener. Extraordinary memory (by the far the best I’ve ever seen) for details about a patient’s family and friends and dynamics of all their relationships. Sabita always challenges her patients and gently nudges them or pushes if need be, to go farther, reach breakthroughs and stand on their own. Ever present and always reliably there every step of the way to support a patient. I can name dozens of times when she was there to help me in times of crisis. Wonderful sense of humor, and tremendous role model for me, especially in volunteering and giving back to the community, and at same time she is always excited to learn from the patient’s themselves, unique solutions that work for them.  

-R.M., Client

I was very skeptical about therapy and counseling. I also felt like nothing ever really gets solved and you leave feeling the same way you came in but now someone you don’t even know, knows your inner secrets. I am happy to say that my skepticism was wrong. Sabita was proactive, courteous, informative and extremely comforting. She gave me homework assignments and took me through an extensive look at how familial patterns were influencing my behaviors. I am a better, stronger woman today and I owe a lot of that to the work I did with Sabita. Thank you, Sabita!”

-K.L.D., Client

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

When my husband and I reached out to Sabita for help with you marriage, we were facing the hardest decision any married couple can face; work to solve our problems or get divorced? My husband and I chose to work hard at solving our problems and to give our marriage another chance, and Sabita was by our side throughout the entire process. I truly believe that without Sabita, my husband and I would not have learned the necessary communication or problem-solving skills needed to save our marriage. Although the decision to work together at our marriage was not easy and was often times filled with tears, arguments, and doubt, we ultimately find ourselves re-committed to one another and loving each other all over again. We will always thank Sabita for her support and help. Thank you!

-M.E., Client

My husband and I began seeing Sabita for marriage counseling. We were both so pleased with her insightfulness and ability to make real connections that we both chose to begin seeing her for individual counseling. We have both been seeing Sabita now for a few years, on and off and I always recommend her to friends seeking out a therapist. We both highly recommend Sabita.


-J.S., Client

We chose Sabita based on online reviews and a convenient location downtown near the Willis Tower. Sabita worked with us for a year and a half to resolve some pretty major problems in our first few years of marriage. At no point were we ever rushed out of sessions prematurely and on several occasions Sabita was able to pencil us in last minute when things got bad at home, probably on days she had other plans. She was always available by phone. She was always calm and level headed, nonjudgemental, always strived to get to the root cause. I would probably not still be married if it wasn’t for her.


-D.E., Client

Family Counseling

Several years ago a friend referred me to Sabita for family counseling. Years later, my children are now adults and we still rely on Sabita for our wellness needs. Her professionalism, cultural sensitivity, follow-up, and holistic approach to mental and emotional health and well-being distinguish her from many others in her field. For many people who might find the idea of counseling daunting or are skeptical about its efficacy will find Sabita’s practical, no-nonsense, direct approach refreshing and results oriented. My family and I all regard Sabita like a family practitioner; a healer who is also someone with whom you will have a relationship for a lifetime.

-T.W., Client


When coping with the loss of my mother and a series of family life changes, Sabita was right there to help me deal with these unexpected challenges. Her treatment strategy has provided me with a road map to navigate through life’s unexpected challenges. And most importantly restore my confidence. Sabita is more than a therapist she is a miracle worker.


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